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Confidence comes from within, the perfect essence is just a way to enhance it and make a statement.
The only way to make quality grow is to combine it with beauty. Shared values of quality, aesthetic research and exclusivity; those are ingredient that made possible the collaboration with the world-famous Chef Massimo Bottura.
From Chateau Marmont to the deep desert. A trip through the most fascinating city in the world. A landscape of stars, scandals, red lights, green palms, red eyes and black chronicle.
An intriguing play of planes and angles invites us to enter a labyrinth of thoughts and fantasies, accompanying us on a journey into the mind whose intimate reach underlines the majesty of the surrounding nature.
Dreamy clothes and shoes play their role, it’s true, but there’s a little secret more! Pantene shares with Chiara the idea that our hair is essential to transform the way we feel and face the day.