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Confidence comes from within, the perfect essence is just a way to enhance it and make a statement.
The only way to make quality grow is to combine it with beauty. Shared values of quality, aesthetic research and exclusivity; those are ingredient that made possible the collaboration with the world-famous Chef Massimo Bottura.
Nove25 / N.Y.03
We collaborate closely with Nove25 since a few years to create films showcasing their Urban Jewellery, a B&W experience through the NY's street. Silver and concrete meeting in fresh and exciting ways.
An intriguing play of planes and angles invites us to enter a labyrinth of thoughts and fantasies, accompanying us on a journey into the mind whose intimate reach underlines the majesty of the surrounding nature.
Dreamy clothes and shoes play their role, it’s true, but there’s a little secret more! Pantene shares with Chiara the idea that our hair is essential to transform the way we feel and face the day.
Officine Panerai06
We loved so much this collaborations that accompanied us through three shootings around the world with the world famous asiatic star Wallace Huo. 
KH Morgan07
KH Morgan is an Italian make up company with a clear mission: bring Italian style and quality worldwide, infusing them with Middle East passion and warmth.
Stories of shoes, handicraft and life. A journey inside one of the most successfull and iconic brands of our country. A wonderful project through the Marche's hills in a rainbow of sunsets and sunshines.